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Research data: 30% of Germany’s population gambles

Updated:2024-03-30 08:39    Views:55

The Gambling Atlas Germany 2023 has been published, revealing a closer look at all aspects surrounding the topic of gambling in Germany.

The publication was produced by experts from the Insitute for Interdisciplinary Addiction and Drug Research (ISD Hamburg) and the Gambling Research Unit at the University of Bremen, with the German Central Office for Addiction Issues (DHS) acting as a Co-Editor.

Federal Government Commissioner for Addiction and Drug Issues, Burkhard Blienert, said: "With the Gambling Atlas 2023, which is now available, all the central data and facts about gambling are bundled. This gives us a good basis for the discussion about the right way to deal with gambling and its consequences.

"We desperately need it! It is well known that gambling offers attract with quick and sometimes high-money winnings. But hardly anyone knows how high the risk of addiction really is – from the very first game – not even in politics.”

Some of the key facts from the Gambling Atlas 2023 include: 30% of the population in Germany participating in gambling as of 2021, 2.3% of the population having a gambling disorder, four out of 10 participants in slot machines having a gambling disorder, and demand from online gamblers for outpatient help services rising sharply over the last five years.

Christian Schütze, from the Institute for Interdisciplinary Addiction and Drug Research Hamburg,poker para pc online added: "The Gambling Atlas 2023 closes a gap. It takes a joint look at the different but interwoven areas of gambling supply, law, demand, addiction and prevention.

"This is done in a factual, overview-like and vivid manner with many illustrations. In this way, it offers decision-makers and all interested parties easy access to the important facts in this controversial policy area."

In similar news, in the UK, Safer Gambling Week 2023 has been launched this week, organised in part by the Betting & Gaming Council, BACTA and the Bingo Association.